Connecting your MCLA managed computer to BlazerPrint (Faculty/Staff)

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Windows Users

Staff who have Windows PCs issued to them by MCLA will automatically have 'BlazerPrint' appear in their list of printers to print to. Select it in your list of available printers and print to it. Your print job will be held in the BlazerPrint virtual printer queue where you can release it on any BlazerPrint copier on campus.

In the event you do not have this printer listed, please contact the MCLA Tech Help Desk at 413-662-5276.

Mac Users

Mac Users need to download a program called 'PaperCut Print Deploy' to access the proper print drivers that offer all finishing options.

  • 1. Ensure your Mac is connected to the on-campus MCLA network through Eduroam (preferred) or Blazernet
  • 2. Download the PaperCut Print Deploy Client here
  • 3. Once the Print Deploy .dmg installer is fully downloaded, open it and click the .pkg file that appears
  • 4. Follow the installer prompts to complete the installation of the Print Deploy Client
  • 5. Open the Print Deploy client located in the top right corner of your screen. Icon looks like this: Printdeployicon.png
  • 6. Click on 'View my printers'
  • 7. Confirm 'BlazerPrint' is installed
  • 8. Print a document to BlazerPrint then open the printer icon that shows in the dock.
  • 9. You will see that your job will be waiting for authentication, click the reload icon on the print job
  • 10. Enter your A number and password in the login prompt and select 'Remember this password in my keychain'
  • 11. Once authorized the document will process through the BlazerPrint printer queue. Any future jobs will process without the need to enter your credentials until your password changes at which point you'll need to update your keychain password.