Dorm Connection Policy

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Access to the student network is provided with several conditions. To be connected to the student network you must acknowledge and adhere to the following terms.

  • Your computer must have a firewall enabled.
  • Your computer's operating system must be maintained by installing all new security updates.
  • Your computer must be free of viruses and you must install an antivirus program. That antivirus software must also be routinely updated.
  • Your computer must not create any condition which adversely affects other users of the network.

You authorize MCLA to verify these conditions by scanning your computer with various network or software tools.

  • Users acknowledge that failure to abide by the above terms will result in an offending computer being separated from the network.

For a detailed outline of the policy on dorm computers disrupting the network review the Virus Policy.

Policy on the use of certain student owned devices to the dormitory

Personal Access Points

Due to limited wireless spectrum on the 2.4GHz & 5 GHz frequencies used for Wi-Fi, dorm residents are not permitted to set up or use their own wireless networks. The access points installed by MCLA communicate with each other through a central server so they actively avoid interfering with each other. When non-MCLA access points transmit they disrupt the ability of the MCLA access points to coordinate with each other and they degrade network performance for every user in the area.

Personal Printers

Most wireless-enabled printers create their own local wireless networks. This behavior is often seen associated with AirPrint functionality. Use of these device has the same impact as installing a wireless access point and is prohibited. If your printer creates its own wireless network, please disable it and use it with a USB cable. MCLA does not support or troubleshoot connecting personal printers to the wired dorm network.

Personal Cell Boosters

Some cell carriers can provide devices that mimic the behavior of cell towers but use a wired network connection rather than the cell network to conduct calls. Similar to other wireless items covered by this policy they are not designed to be used in dense living arrangement such as dormitories and are not to be connected to the dorm network.