FACULTY: How to access student advising reports using the supplemental banner reporting tool

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  • 2. Click on 'Faculty Services'


  • 3. Click on 'Academic Reporting' to bring you to the supplemental banner reporting tool area.


  • 4. Select an option under the heading 'Student Advising Reports'. You can show reports by department or by subject. These reports are in PDF format.

The aggregated course list shows the course attributes, term, course number, course title, grade and repeat count.

Web focus stua1.JPG

  • 5. You will then be prompted to specify parameters for the report you want. The first parameter will be the Student ID number. Ensure you type in the student's ID number with a captial 'A'.

Web focus stua2.JPG

  • 6. You must enter a term code using the drop down menu. The term code in Banner is a six-digit numeric value including the year and semester; the four-digit year followed by a two digit term.

Term Codes:
20 = Spring Semester
40 = Summer Semester
60 = Fall Semester
Example: The Fall 2008 term code is 200860

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  • 7. After all the parameters have been entered, click 'Run' to show the report. Prior to running the report you can select the checkbox 'Run in a new window' which will show the report in a new web browser window. If you would like to clear the parameters you have entered, select 'Reset'. Select 'Clear Output' if you would like to clear the output window from a report that was run previously.

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  • PLEASE NOTE: If you receive a message indicating "NO HTML OUTPUT" this means there is no banner data found under the parameters you selected. Ensure you have entered your parameters in correctly. Parameters such as Student ID and Instructor ID are case sensitive and require a capital “A”.