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FindTime is an Outlook add-in for scheduling meetings. The organizer can send multiple time options through FindTime and minimize the back and forth emails in scheduling.

Installing FindTime in Outlook for the web


1. Open Outlook for the web in your browser.

2. Select New message to open a new email.

3. To the right of the Send and Discard buttons, select the ellipses button (…) and then select Get Add-ins.

4. Search for the FindTime add-in.

5. To use the app, click the ellipses button (…) again from a message and select FindTime.


Installing FindTime in Outlook Desktop

1. Open Outlook .

2. Go to Home > Get Add-ins.


3. Search for the FindTime add-in.


4. Select Add.

5. FindTime > Reply with Meeting Poll is added in the Home tab.