Hardware Support Procedure

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Hardware Classifications

This support procedure considers three categories of computing hardware which may be available to users on the MCLA campus and outlines their acquisition and maintenance.

Category I: Centrally managed hardware

Hardware in this category is either part of the network infrastructure or represents individual items that are available to all members of the campus community in common areas like labs. It includes general purpose faculty office PCs, network servers, general lab PCs in Murdock, PCs located in media enhanced classrooms and walkup stations which may be located in the Library and other public spaces.

This equipment will be:

  • Budgeted centrally
  • Purchased by Computer Support Services
  • Reviewed for upgrades or replacement annually, with all devices kept at the same general hardware level
  • Configured and maintained by Computer Support

Category II: Departmental hardware

Hardware in this category is used by one or two departments. Some items may have unique characteristics that are not shared by general purpose devices but which are required to support a discipline. Departmental hardware may be located in department spaces or in the Murdock general purpose labs.

Included is equipment like:

  • Special format scanners or printers
  • PCs with special video cards or hard drives
  • PCs dedicated to specific tasks in instruction or research

The department(s) will:

  • Consult with CSS prior to purchase to make sure that connection of the equipment to the college network will not cause issues for other users.
  • Fund the acquisition from either department budgets or special funding from their V.P.
  • Budget for maintenance.
  • Provide operating advice and needed training and documentation either through department staff or third parties.

Computer Support Services will:

  • Provide help in purchasing
  • Participate in the physical installation
  • Provide minimal advice on the operation of the device.

Category III: Individual Hardware

Hardware requested by and used by only one or two people will be purchased by and fully supported by those individuals or their departments. Computer Support Services (or Academic Technology) may be asked for general advice but would not be expected to research the hardware's capabilities / requirements. If a particular piece of hardware is found to cause a problem with the network, CSS will terminate the network connection until the issue is resolved by the owner.