How do I print in color?

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From an MCLA-managed Windows workstation:

The following steps need to be taken to send jobs to BlazerPrint copiers in color. Application-level settings will not work without this setting being changed first.

  • Click Start Menu
  • Type 'Printers' in the search bar then select 'Printers & Scanners'
  • Select 'BlazerPrint' then click 'Manage'
  • Select 'Printing Preferences
  • Select 'Off (Use Document Color)' under the setting 'Xerox Black & White'
  • Click 'Apply'

Please note that printing is color has a significantly higher per page cost verses monochrome, please use only as needed. Its recommended that you turn this setting back to 'On' when color printing is complete.

From Your Personal Device:

Refer to the installation instructions here, and ensure you use the 'BlazerPrint Color' printer queue.