I'm getting an error message when clicking on Mail,Contacts, or Calendar

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  • Beware of Bookmarks!

It is common that users will attempt to bookmark the http://sso.mcla.edu address. Upon the next attempt to use the bookmark it may fail because it has old session information stored with the URL that was saved. Its best to login to sso.mcla.edu by typing the address directly into the web browser or accessing it through the link located on the http://campus.mcla.edu site which can be bookmarked safely.

  • Check your system

It is important to ensure you have an updated web browser that will work with this system. Please review Office 365 Web Browser Requirements. If you are running Windows XP, you must ensure it has been updated with the latest Microsoft updates. Please visit Microsoft's Windows Update site to start that process.

  • Call the Help Desk

If you are still not able to login due to an error message. Please communicate what that error message is to the MCLA Computer HelpDesk and we will be happy to help you through the next steps to resolve the issue. The phone number is 413-662-5276.