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How do I connect my wireless device to the network in the Library?

For personally owned wireless devices, users should 'register' their devices on BlazerNet which is the most reliable wireless network to connect with. The instructions for registering devices on Blazernet can be found here:

Note: MCLA owned devices like the laptops that can be loaned out at the circulation desk are already registered.

How do I connect my laptop to the printers in the Library?

There are public printers located on the first and second floor of the Library. The instructions for configuring public printers can be found at

How do I set print jobs to print single sided?

To save on paper resources, the public printers are automatically set to duplex mode (2 sided). If you would like to print single-sided, please follow these specific instructions (other settings that refer to single sided printing within applications may not work).

  • Click on the 'Start' menu
  • Click on 'Devices and Printers'
  • Right click on the Printer (example: Freel_1st_Floor_Circulation or Freel_SecondFloor)
  • Click on 'Printing Preferences'
  • Select '1-sided'
  • Click 'Apply'

When I attempt to print the document either freezes the printer or it prints out strange characters?

Although there could be a series of reason why this happens - the most common reason is related to the fact that the printer is not successful with interpreting the information within the document (fonts, layout, graphics, file is corrupt, communication issue, etc.) Often times the doing following will help:

  • Convert document to PDF when available (Using 'Save As' select file type '.PDF')
  • If PDF document is having trouble printing, ensure you open the PDF document within Adobe Reader (not web browser) and use the 'Print as Image' option. This is located under the 'Advanced' option on print dialog box within Adobe Reader. More detailed instructions can be found here:

How do I use the scanning station?

The following guide will walk you through the basics of the ESPSON V500 Photo:

The software that the scanner uses is ESPSON Scan which includes various scan modes that are explained here:

Users can also use the quick buttons located on the scanner to start a scan job:

How does guest accounts work?

Any MCLA faculty/staff member can generate a guest account that can be used till midnight of the day that account is created.

How do I properly load paper in the Lexmark printers to minimize paper jams?

Here is the section of the Lexmark manual that provides an excellent overview of how to properly load paper in the tray.

How do I remove a paper jam on the Lexmark printers?

Here is the section of the Lexmark manual that provides the steps needed to remove a paper jam near the front of a lexmark printer (common jam location).

Please call the Help Desk for assistance you are unable to unjam the printer using this method or if the jam is located near the backside of the printer.

Users have reported something wrong with a loaner laptop or workstation. How do I report it?

The best way to report these issues is to e-mail or call 413-662-5276 with a description of the issue. A trouble ticket will be made so IT staff are notified of the issue and can resolve it. It is helpful to include information such as MCLA inventory tag number, the name of the user that reported the issue, any error message information, and when the problem occurred.

Where can I find the operating hours and contact information for the Help Desk?

This can be found on the website by clicking the MCLA Computer HelpDesk link.