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MCLA maintains a Novell network for faculty and administrative offices. This allows administrative offices to access personal and departmental file shares. Some network printing is also done through the Novell network. You must log in to the Novell network to access these resources. At times it is a requirement to also log in to the Novell network to receive certain service patches and software upgrades. This includes the Office 2007 upgrade (Faculty/Staff Only).

Making sure you can log in

To make sure you can log in to the Novell network, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Faculty/Staff Only
  • Be on campus using a desktop or laptop (Note: laptop must be plugged into a campus network port, not on wireless)
  • Have an MCLANET User ID and Password
  • Have Novell Client installed (Note: All college owned computers have this already installed)

Log in Process


  • You should be presented with a Novell client login prompt after starting your campus computer.
  • Check to make sure that the 'Workstation Only' check box is NOT checked.
  • Enter your MCLANET User ID and Password
  • Click 'Ok'

Can't Log in?

If you receive a failure message and cannot log in, it is advised that you call the MCLA Computer HelpDesk. However, before you call, it is good practice to check your configuration settings for your installation of Novell client.

  • At the log in prompt click the 'Advanced' option
  • The following settings should appear. If they do not it is advised that you change them to reflect exactly what it shown here.


How do I use my laptop without being plugged into the campus network?

If you are a mobile user with a laptop and would like to use the laptop without being plugged into the campus network (at home or wireless use) use the following instructions.

  • Click on the ‘Workstation Only’ option on the initial Novell client login prompt
  • 'Ok' WITHOUT entering your log in information.

Using ‘Workstation Only’ will log you into the laptop itself and will not give you access to any Novell network resources as explained above. It is important to remember when you return to the campus to uncheck this and log in correctly again when plugged in.