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The Microsoft Office Mobile App combines the features of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other tools and capabilities into one experience. It aims to improve productivity for mobile Office users while maintaining the capabilities and functions of the Office desktop programs. The app provides an experience of Microsoft Office that is both familiar and unique to mobile users.


The Office Mobile App is available for download on iOS and Android devices. The links can be found below.

Download for iOS

Download for Android


The Office Mobile App combines features from several Microsoft Office programs, other Microsoft applications, and other mobile device functions to provide the best experience for mobile users.

  • The App provides a simpler and mobile-friendly use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This approach prevents users from having to download and store multiple apps on their device as well as switch between apps when working with multiple files. The features from these three Office programs are combined into a single mobile app that can be navigated quickly and easily.
  • The App integrates the capabilities of the Microsoft Lens application. Users have access to Microsoft Lens features, allowing them to capture pictures of documents and other important information with their device's camera. Users can then edit those images and convert them into PDFs and other editable documents. These documents can be viewed or edited using the Office App's other features. For users who prefer a more robust version of this feature, we recommend learning more about the standalone Microsoft Office Lens app.
  • The App also includes capabilities geared towards smaller tasks that are more common when using a mobile device. These features include taking quick notes, signing PDF files, scanning QR codes, and transferring files to different devices.
  • More features will soon be added to the app, including voice commands, speech-to-text capabilities, viewing Excel data in a simplified card format, and creating PowerPoint presentations using an outline feature.