O365 - How to record in Microsoft Teams

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This page instructs users on how to record meetings in Microsoft Teams and how to change privacy settings around the video recordings. All recordings done in Microsoft Teams are uploaded to the Microsoft Stream service to be shared and viewed.

Start Recording a Meeting

  • 1. Join any video or audio meeting in Teams. Instructions on how to setup and join meetings can be found Here.


  • 2. Once you are in a Teams Meetings, in the options bar in the middle of the screen, click the ... icon to show the menu above. Click Start Recording.


  • 3. The timer on the left of the options bar shows that the meeting is currently being recorded. You can enter the ... menu again and click Stop Recording to end the recording early or simply leave the meeting to end the recording.
  • 4. Once the recording is done, a link will appear in the meetings text chat to the Stream upload of the recording. By default the recording should only be viewable by members of the meeting or anyone that the video is shared with.