SPSS Statistics Commuter Licence

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Checking out an SPSS Statistics Commuter License

To borrow a SPSS Statistics License click on “Start” > “All Programs” > “IBM SPSS Statistics” > “IBM SPSS Statistics 20 Commuter License”

File:SPSS Image1.png

Select the license you wish to borrow. You may need to look at all three 3 license servers to discover which server is currently hosting the Commuter Licenses you wish to borrow.

Select the number of days you wish to borrow a license (1 to 7 days).

Click on “Check Out”.

File:SPSS Image2.png

The license has been successfully borrowed when you see a red check next to a license.

Checking in an SPSS Statistics Commuter License

File:SPSS Image3.png

A license may be returned by selecting the license that has been borrowed (I.E the license next to the check) and clicking on “Check In”.

  • If you don’t do this the license will remain checked out until the license duration expires.