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Steps for Scanning a document directly to Email on Ricoh Aficio 201 Copier

  • Step 1: Start by turning on the Copier/Scanner. Press the green "On" button.


  • Step 2: Press the "Scanner" button. The button should light up green after pressing it.

Scanner1.jpg Scanner2.jpg

  • Step 3: Press the "Search Destination" button.


  • Step 4: The display will show the Address Book page. Press the "Okay" button.


  • Press the down arrow button until "Display List" is highlighted.

DownArrow.jpg DisplayList.jpg

  • Press the "Okay" button.


  • Step 5: Load your document into the top tray on the scanner. Ensure the document is facing up.


  • Step 6: On the display, the Destination List screen should be shown. Use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate through the list and find the correct recipient.


  • Step 7: When you have the recipient highlighted on the screen, press the right arrow button.


  • A check box will appear next to the recipient's name.


  • Step 8: Press the "Start" button to scan the document.


  • If you have multiple pages to scan, repeat Steps 5 through 8.
  • Step 9: Once all pages are scanned, press the # button. The screen will say "Sending" and then it will return to the ready screen.