Virus Removal Service Procedure

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Virus Removal Service Procedure

Virus, Worm and Disruptive configurations on the MCLA Student Network

Should a computer on the student network become infected with a virus, worm or become configured in a manner that adversely affects the network, Computer Support Services (CSS) will temporarily separate it from the rest of the system. If a computer has not been patched for a known vulnerability that is deemed to be a sufficient threat to the network, the machine may be disconnected even though it has not yet been infected.

If the problem is caused by a common and widespread worm or virus, CSS will attempt to facilitate the repair by making available the software necessary to remove the virus or patch the system against future infection. In all cases, however, the responsibility for rectifying the problem and demonstrating to CSS that the computer can safely be reconnected to the network rests with the student.

What You Can Do

Should your computer be disconnected from the network, CSS or the Helpdesk will be able to tell you why and will direct you to any patches that have been made available for student access. To avoid losing your network access, keep your Windows computer up to date with patches available through the windows update service. Mac OSX software update should be performed on a regular basis for those users running a Mac. Maintaining virus scanning software will also keep you safe from the ongoing threat of viruses.