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Here are a few pages that could use some TLC A.S.A.P.:

+ Whatever else in Zendesk is needing to be documented.


The wiki is in the midst of an aggressive information-gathering stage. For now, we'll be using the following template on feature pages to gather information. Later, we can look at organizing the information in a more user-friendly way. If you have suggestions for how the feature pages, the main page, or FAQ pages should be organized or formatted, please email

Brief Description and Possible Uses

Instructor Tutorials

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Training Materials


Video 1

Video 2



Student Tutorials

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Related Topics




  • FAQ pages should be separate pages if you think they could apply to multiple features. Otherwise, put the FAQ text directly on the feature page.
  • There are several pages that have been orphaned to make the wiki easier to maintain. If you find a page that is orphaned that you think shouldn't be (i.e. for an F.A.Q. page, go ahead and relink it and let me know. In about four weeks, we will delete orphaned pages to eliminate confusion.

Improvements we'd like to see in the near future:

  1. Auto-collapsing section headers at page load, especially for the Screencast index page and other indices like it; direct links to sections should expand just the section needed
  2. Fix top menu to reflect user needs
  3. Adjust style sheet so that headers are legible, different font perhaps, and more white space on the page
  4. Consider two-column layouts
  5. Higher resolution screenshots and figure out why the px width image option isn't working
  6. Larger font size with less variation in the different kinds of headers
      List of features for copy and paste.
      ==Course Activity Stream==
      ==Course Home Page==
      ==Course Import Tool==
      ==Course Navigation==
      ==Course Setup Checklist==
      ==Course Statistics==
      ==Course Status==
      ==Global Navigation==
      ==Help Corner==
      ==In-context Help==
      ==Math Editor==
      ==Mobile Apps==
      ==Notification Preferences==
      ==Registered Services==
      ==Rich Content Editor==