Banner Self-Service Class Registration Instructions

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  • 1. Login to the Self Service Banner system by going to
  • 2. Enter the Secure Area using your campus ID (your “A#”) and 6-digit Login PIN. Be sure to use a capital “A”. If you do not know your login PIN, read the following guide: What is my Self-Service Banner PIN number?
  • 3. Select Student, then Registration.
  • 4. Click on Select Term, then select the current term from the drop-down menu.
  • 5. Select Add or Drop Classes. You will be prompted to enter the ALTERNATE REGISTRATION PIN. For more information about what the registration PIN is and where to get it, read to the following guide: What is my Self-Service Banner PIN number?. If you have determined the CRN for the courses you want from your meeting with your advisor, you can enter them at the bottom of the online form. You can also search for sections using the Class Search button. When your list is complete, select the Submit Changes button.
  • 6. If the registration is successful, you will see "Web Registered" under Status in your class schedule.
  • 7. If there are problems with the registration, you will see a red stop sign and a message indicating

Common Registration Errors

"Registration Add Errors".

The reason for the error will display under Status. Here are a list of common errors:

"Time Conflict with XXXX" – choose a section meeting at a different time

"CORQ_XXXX REQ" – you have selected a section that has another connected section as a co-requisite. Go to Class Search and add the missing part.

The "XXXX" in the error message will indicate the course section you need to add.

"Closed Section" – go back to “Class Search and choose another section.

Other error messages indicate courses that require special approval. Get the appropriate authorization on your advising form, and bring it to the Registrar’s Office.

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