What is my Self-Service Banner PIN?

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There are various PINs that you must know when using Self-Service Banner. This guide will help you determine what PIN number you need and where to go to find it.
Note: A Self-Service Banner PIN is different than your MCLANET password.

Initial PIN

If you are logging into Self-Service Banner for the first time, your initial PIN is your birthday in MMDDYY format (6 digits). For example, if your birthday was January, 14th, 1988. Your initial PIN would be 011488. The purpose of the initial PIN number is to allow you to set up a login PIN number and challenge question in case you forget the PIN you set. The initial PIN expires as soon as you use it and reset it to a login PIN. Note: When logging in your USER ID is your ‘A’ number with a capital A. For more information about logging into Self-Service Banner for the first time see the following guide:

Logging into Self-Service Banner for the first time

Login PIN

The login PIN is a 6 digit number that is set up when you first sign on to Banner with the initial PIN. Once set by you, the login PIN is used to login to Banner on a regular basis moving forward. If you have forgotten your login PIN, see the following guide:

How do I reset my Banner PIN?

Registration PIN

The registration PIN is a 6 digit number that is given to students by their advisor at the time of class registration. At permitted registration times, a student can login to Self-Service Banner using their login PIN. Once logged in they can use the Registration PIN to register for classes online through Self-Service Banner. For more information about how to register for classes online see the following guide.

Banner Self-Service Class Registration Instructions

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