Logging into Self-Service Banner for the first time

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  • 2. Enter the Secure Area using your MCLA ID (your “A#”) and 6-digit STUDENT PIN. Be sure to use a capital “A”. If you do not know what your initial PIN number is read the 'What is my Self-Service Banner PIN?' FAQ.
  • 3. You will immediately be prompted to create a new PIN. This will be the PIN you will continue to use to access Self-Service Banner.
  • 4. You will then be at the main menu. From this menu you will have various options:

NOTE: If you are experiencing an issue with your initial PIN, please refer to the FAQ - How do I reset my Banner PIN?

NOTE: If you have been locked out and your 'web access' has been disabled. Please call the MCLA Help Desk at 413-662-5276 for assistance with PIN reset.

Getting to know Self-Service Banner - STUDENTS

From the Personal Information menu, you can view your information as it is currently stored in the Banner System, such as addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contact information, etc. The emergency contact information here refers to the person the College will contact if you are in an emergency situation. If you have a cell phone and wish to provide the number, select Update Addresses and Phones and attach the number to your mailing address. If you don’t have a separate mailing address, enter your permanent address information with your cell phone number.

From the Student menu, you will be able to access academic and financial information stored in Banner.

Under Student Records you can view your academic information, such as grades, holds, your academic transcript, degree clearance information, and the college catalog and term schedule. You should familiarize yourself with the various catalog and schedule search options, as these may help you with online registration. Be sure to review and resolve any holds that may prevent registration.

When you select the Registration menu, you will be able to review your term schedules by selecting the desired term in the drop-down menu. You will not be able to take any registration action for the upcoming semester until the appropriate time for registration. Your registration time will be listed in the detailed registration instructions you will receive from your academic adviser.

The Student Account menu will reflect your financial information for terms that have been billed. You will need to return to the main menu to review your financial aid.

The Financial Aid menu will provide access to your financial aid information.

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